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Environmental Sustainability​

5 Ways Signature Ply Contributes To The Environment

We as a brand believe in sustainable initiatives and keep up with any opportunities of doing our bit for the environment. Our factory is equipped with Carbon filters and Effluent water treatment plant that helps cause, and nurture the environment in as many ways as possible, making our factory ecologically friendly. All of these are part of our Zero Waste Policy in order to give back to the environment.

General Questions

  • Adding the safety of E0 certification​
    Our premium grade products have the E0 European Standards of Formaldehyde Emission Class i.e, it emits Formaldehyde less than or equal to 0.5mg/l. This means the lowest level of formaldehyde emission ensuring a safe home. Our E0 certified plywood leads to the production of safe furniture, and hence, safe spaces for you. Formaldehyde emission can have harmful impacts on the elderly and children. So, Sylvan Ply’s E0 certified plywood helps you build a safe abode.
  • Implementation of The Carbon Filter​
    Signature Ply as a brand has established its credibility through extensive years of experience and committed research. We have incorporated pollution control mechanisms, such as the integration of Carbon filters with dust filters and back filters, which effectively minimize carbon emissions and eliminate dust particles that are produced during the production of plywood.
  • Effluent Water Treatment Plant​
    The Signature Ply factory is equipped with an Effluent Water Treatment Plant that treats the water in a way that most of the harmful suspended solids are removed and the remaining toxin-free water that is released is used for the purposes like the beautification of the pastures in the factory. We as a brand believe in sustainable initiatives and keep up with any opportunities of doing our bit for the environment.
  • Following A Zero Waste Policy​
    The plywood industry produces a significant amount of solid waste, Due to the high percentage of solid waste produced during production, plywood companies must make efficient use of it. Sylvan Ply’s factory follows a strict Zero Waste Policy during the production process. Waste from plywood production goes into the process of making blockboards, and other products that our brand has to offer. The rest of the remnants or waste material goes directly into the boiler.
  • Sourcing from FSC Certified Countries​
    Signature Ply sources all its timber from FSC certified countries. The certification from FSC guarantees that the products are sourced from forests that are responsibly managed and provide advantages in terms of the environment, social aspects, and the economy.